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Sunny Days with an Arabian Dodgeball Master

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arabian-dodgeball-champion-005This is our friend Rob.   His brain hurts.

Again, we apologize for the defecit of posts over the last couple of weeks.  Phil and I have mostly been working on wrapping up school stuff and doing paperwork in preperation for our arrival in New Orleans, so not alot of news about the trip itself.  We have been collecting a fair amount of pretty cool gear.  I acquired a brand new lifejacket and a real sleeping pad, and a recent trip to our local antique store yielded fantastic results.

arabian-dodgeball-champion-002The big find for us was the pair of binoculars on the right side.  An extremely good Nikon for $20.  Phil said he found a pair of new ones on the web going for something around $140 something.  A fine catch.  In addition, we also picked up a pair of old zippos that we quickly repaired, restoring them to working order.  They cost about $3 each.  My favorite item is the straight razor.  I’ve been looking for a good blade for some time, and even though its a little rust, that razor should come in real handy if I ever decide to remove a large portion of my face along with the beard.

So thats all I have to report.  Hopefully we’ll be getting more warm weather so the ice on the lake will be open for May adventures.


Edit:  Oh yeah, and I took a big slice out of my finger while cooking Red Beans And Rice last night.  Check it out…




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The weather is starting to change. We have had a few nice days in a row now, yesterday has a high of 44F and today we are supposed to have a high of 50F. It is still dropping into the high twenty’s at night, but all of the small rivers and lakes have opened up. All we are waiting on is the Chequamegon Bay which as of yesterday currently has 29 inches of ice covered by a foot of slush. I am betting that it will be four more weeks for ice out.