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Wasting time.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 16, 2009 by huckleberryfinn09

Time is drawing close and I can taste the river. I finished all of my classes for winter semester all I need to do now is get through the two Maymester courses then I am done with my undergrad. Yesterday the weather was perfect; it was a scourching 63 degrees and it was well spent. bow-drill-jpMy good friend John Patrick and I spent all afternoon honing in on our wilderness living skills by making bow drill fires. They day ended in great success!  I got my technique down to a science and can create an ember every time; however I still need to work on making a natural tinder nest. I got one successful fire with with a mixture of dried cattail fluff and shredded cedar bark, but the majority of the fires made with it were made with laundry lint. Myself and JP were schooled by the survival instructor who came out and played with our sets. He had a fire going in under a minute. Way to rub it in our face Grieg!

snakeMy good friend ‘Gii’ also came out to soak up some of the Rays. It may have been the first time outside he seemed to like it. We are going to pick up the canoe tomorrow and I can’t wait! It is time to get some paddling in, until then take care.


“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get”

 -Mark Twain.