Old Man Winter.

A morning hike drove home the point that winter certainly is not over. I woke up around six this morning and went rampaging through the campus ravine. There was an inch of this all too familiar white stuff on the ground. It was the real nasty kind that gets everything wet when touched too. I decided to go back to bed when it started to rain.  Upon arousal from my slumber, a quick glance out the window revealed that the snow has since been washed away. On a happier note, we now have possession of the canoe and I have begun making renovations to it in preparation for our trip. The most recent task is to give it a good cleaning and equip it with a yoke to aid with portaging. 




3 Responses to “Old Man Winter.”

  1. Its getting closer, river is up to 54 degrees at St louis (up 6 degrees in a week)…… still up a bit, but also still plenty of time to level out.

    Glad to hear about the Canoe…………named it yet?

  2. huckleberryfinn09 Says:

    Glad to hear Tom, The Rain has washed out the Ice on the Bay, all we have is a few bergs floating around, not long now. As to your question, Yes we have a name for her. We named her the “Huckster”. Inspired by your nickname for myself and Rich 😉

    one more month *twitch*

  3. That’s neat….

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