Maiden Voyage

canoe-005We’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel up in Ashland.  We’ve got most of our gear and Phil and I are taking our final classes at Northland (Intro to Music and Environmental Math for Phil, African Music and Culture for me).  We got out of class yesterday at 4:00, loaded all our gear into the car, and drove five minutes west of Ashland to paddle around “The Slews” right off Highway 2.



After running into a number of dead ends, we found the mouth of the Snake River(?)(“Fish Creek”, but close) and tried to paddle up it.  Due to the shallow depth and many overhanging trees we were unable to get far, so we got out and wandered around for awhile.



After we were done wondering we headed back out into the bay.  We decided we wanted to experience a bit more chop and wind resistance, so we decided to paddle across a small section of the bay.  On the way over to the north side the wind was in our face, so the going was rough, but the way back was no problem.  

We’re playing around with setting up a photobucket account to dump all our pictures into.  We’ll post the link when we figure that out.


Update: We figured it out:


One Response to “Maiden Voyage”

  1. M. Middleton Says:

    You need some river music to ponder, i ken. Stumbled across this old Highwaymen clip while in Nashville. Enjoy! Tune submission #1

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