Dead Man Floating

This post is not intended to scare our folks or make those who care  worry more, but it is rather to show that we need to pay attention and watch our backs! On Sunday July 5th, the day we left St Louis, a body was discovered by fishermen quite literally in the same area we camped. We camped on the east side of the river about a quarter of a mile past the “Casino Queen” separated from East St Louis by a maze of railroad in all directions; Anyways it has recently come to our attention that a decomposing body was discovered in that immediate area. kind of nerve racking huh?

Anyways we are in memphis and the adventures keep on coming.


One Response to “Dead Man Floating”

  1. Luan Tucker Says:

    Dear guys!!!

    Wow you have made so far! I just wanted to let you know that I am checking in every so often and finding your tales (about the river, animals, people and mother-nature) absolutely fascinating! Keep the moral up! Unfortunately there are always going to be bad things happening around you, and I’m proud of you because you are being observant and realistic! I am sure though, this is a once off incident so don’t dwell on it too much. Keeping looking forward (or is that downward, as in, down the river) and I wish you good weather for the remainder of your trip! (But not to much good weather – don’t want you to get bored!!!)

    So with that, all the way from South Africa,
    love and hugs to you, smelly water rats!
    Luan Tucker

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