Donaldsonville: The Home Stretch

So here we are in Donaldsonville, LA.  We’ve had a little trouble making our intended milage the last couple of days due to storms, sun, and wonderful people that we’ve met.  We intend to make it to La Place, LA at the end of today which will put us within striking distance of the marina we intend to stop at tomorrow afternoon.

We met some wonderful people in St. Francisville just a couple of days ago thanks to the kindness of KW, who gave us a lift into town and let us take showers at his B&B, the Shadetree Inn .  KW was also kind enough to drive us to a grocery store, where we loaded up on bread, jelly, and lots of fresh fruit.  We have devoured 6 peaches, 8 apples, and 2 plums in just one and a half days.  Our mothers are so proud.

A massive amount of wind, rain, and lightning blew us off the river yesterday, but we expect to make our target mileage today.  We will be in New Orleans tomorrow at noon, and a mighty “BOOSH” will rise to the heavens.



2 Responses to “Donaldsonville: The Home Stretch”

  1. Awesome accomplishment – its been alot of fun checking up on your progress, I’ve never once doubted either of your abilities or desire.


    The LAST beach is 143.4 – left side

  2. BOOSH!

    I’ve started the Final Week updates to the progress map — special bright-red markers.

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