carrying stuff

carrying stuff








A reoccurring question asked of us is what we are bringing with us. Well…here is a list of the current stuff we have in mind, this list is tentative and subject to change as our departure becomes nye. Any suggestions will be considered and are appreciated. 

Vessel: 17′ Grumman aluminum canoe. “Huckleberry Finn” Hailing port, St. Paul Mn. This canoe will be equipped with enough flotation to allow 5″ of free board when completely flooded; this will allow easy bailing if need be. Three paddles will be brought with us. 

Living Quarters:  5′ x 8′ Backpacking tent and 2 10′ x 10′ tarps.  Two Nylon Hammocks and masquito nets for camping in the swamps of Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Storage:  5 litre dry bag(oh shit bag). 10 litre dry bag. 35 litre canoe dry pack. Backpacking pack. Small waxed canvas day pack.

Kitchen:  2 litre cooking pot. Small fry/bake pan.  10 fluid oz  Tea pot( There is no party like a tea party). Misc cooking utensils. Cup, spoon, bowl for each of us. Bio degradable soap. Single burner alcohol stove. 

Tools:  Collapsible bucksaw. Ka-bar kukri machete (might replace with hatchet). Leatherman. Small roll of duct tape. Small Spool of copper wire.  Sewing kit. Two part repair glue. Rope lots n lots of rope (we like rope),  spare batteries.

Navigation:   Maps, Compass x2 . Two-way VHF marine radioHand held GPS unit (Compliments of my father). 

Safety: Whistle x 2, USCG approved PFD’s, Signal mirror, USCG approved signal flares x3. First aid kit, air horn, head lamp x 2. Bug spray, sun screen water purification tablets(emergency only) Unlubricated condoms (survival item, emergency water container and make shift fire starter we will be too gross looking to get laid) .  No Chris, we are not going to bring a snake venom kit or a gun, stop asking!  

Oh Shit Bag:  If for whatever reason, we must abandon ship and leave all our worldly possessions behind. This bag is the one exception. This bag will be a basic survival kit that will house everything that we need to survive for a couple days or more. Some of the items tt will include will be, our signal devices, cell phone, few days rations, and some sort of tobacco product to help us chill out.  

Food n’ water: Yes.

Clothes n’ sleep stuff:Yes.

Recreation:  Folding chess set. Deck o’ cards, books, Rich, journals, camera, flasks, Our imaginations, 25WWII torpedo (just in case) Frisbee.

(More stuff will be added as the day approaches)


3 Responses to “Equipment”

  1. Mark Hansen Says:

    Good luck and have fun. Marcie gave me your blog site. I plan to check it every so often to see how you are doing. FYI here is a site where someone lists a gagillion books by others who have done the Itasca to the Gulf trip. It’s got books by everyone from Mark Twain to other crazy guys like you. You’ll probably want some more reading material while go south.

  2. Whal, Phil, i wud git yerself one o’them thar spell checker thangs fer yer blog. That way when yer poor ol’ Poppy the Pirate props ‘is feet up at the end o’day after mindin’ the high school Freshman English class, he kin start braggin’ on ya, eh? O’course self-respectin’ writer on the Mississippi wud dream o’ talkin’ like any local river folk ye might meet up wif. BTW, how much gunpowder was ye fixin’ to keep dry fer yer cannon?

  3. Hello guys, this is from David Miller, author of a guidebook for paddling the Missouri River. Email me and give me a mailing address, I’ll send my book to you. Might provide some useful information. You’ll have a great adventure on the Mississippi, no doubt. Best regards, David

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