MAP — Our current location

Click HERE to get an up to date fix on where we are as of the last seven days.

Click HERE to see the whole trip (well, not really — it only goes back as far as when we got the little “find me” gizmo, so it misses the first couple weeks).


2 Responses to “MAP — Our current location”

  1. Jeff Boji Says:

    Guys – I am a friend of Mike (and Itsy-Bitsy the dog) who you met upstream from STL. I live in the STL area. Mike and I were best friends in our late teen’s and early 20’s. I have not seen him in 11-12 years. Mike was able to dock his canoe at Eagle Landing marina (for free-nice river folks of course). He was able to stay here a few days to visit, re supply and rebuild the sail. He is back on the river today (Monday 7/6), heading south of course. He wanted me to tell you both hi and good luck.

  2. Great, you guys are doing it!

    Mud Island, Beale Street here you come. Mud Island marina (Left bank) up th inlet and real close to the river (just past the overhead walk) – they have a shower or you can use their hose, sleep on their dock or go to the comfort inn across the way (I stayed with the boat). To Beale street (walk is closed on Monday) is just a walk across and five or six blocks south. Trollys are a buck, but its not a bad walk, good place to kick back for at least a day…. whats ahead has some ‘dullsville’ to it, and some real challenge…


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